Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

Many people present themselves as experts. We have to be very careful when choosing the voices and advice we follow, especially during this time of pandemic and threats to the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Some “experts” are merely profiteers, trying to take advantage in a time of uncertainty. Others are narcissistic, enjoying attention from people desperately seeking good advice. And yet others put forward some forms of expertise to sow confusion, or worse, cause harm. But the individuals who speak in terms of care and compassion for the sick and who back up their knowledge with hours of selfless work to heal the sick stand out and we easily recognize them.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, knows us and cares for us. His words draw us to love each other and express our love in care and compassion for others, especially the weak and powerless, the poor and the hungry, the widow and orphan. We are reminded of this today, Good Shepherd Sunday. Jesus offered His life for us and God raised Him on high. He will do the same for us. He has the words of everlasting life!