Latin Mass

Now that the province has announced an increase in attendance, Fr. Melanson will be proceeding with the Latin Mass on Saturday, June 6, at 10 am. Given that a smaller number of people usually attend this Mass than the regular weekend Masses at St. Pius X / Holy Redeemer, there will be no lottery / invitation system. However, attendance will be limited to 50 people. Those attending the Latin Mass are asked to please use the main doors on Somerset Street.

Latin Mass

Fr. Melanson is waiting on word from the province regarding Mass attendance limits before deciding whether the Saturday, June 6, Latin Mass proceeds as scheduled. We will make an announcement as soon as possible. However, that may not be until Thursday or Friday.

Mass Attendance Requests

Not every parishioner who wants to be put on our Mass attendance list will be able to use our online form. If you know someone who does not have internet access, we ask that you to let them know that they may call the parish office (653-6830) to participate in the draw. We continue to encourage everyone who does have the internet to please apply online.

Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

It can happen in the closest of families and even among lifelong friends. A disagreement, a “falling out” a misunderstanding, a sin of commission or omission can place a distance between and among people. These often seem impossible to heal or overcome or forgive.

It happened to Jesus and His chosen disciples. At His last supper with them, they shared the Eucharist for the first time. He empowered them to do the same, in service and love to others. And He would always be present in the Eucharist.

Their response was to run away and abandon Him when he was arrested. Peter, chosen to lead the others, would deny he even knew who Jesus was. They scattered and argued over what they should do. The Father raised Jesus from the dead! The disciples came together in fear and hid.

But Jesus didn’t bear a grudge or hold a resentment or cut them off. Rather He came among them and forgave them and gave them the gift of His peace and empowered them with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then even strangers could recognize the unity and love among this rag tag bunch of apostles. Pope Francis says, “the peace bestowed on the apostles (and on us and on our Church) does not bring freedom from problems, but brings peace in problems”. This peace and its freedom draw us together again, to forgive, to understand, and to allow love and care to regrow and strengthen life giving bonds of love, faith and friendship.

Mass Attendance Cancellations

The VAST MAJORITY of people who were invited to attend Mass this weekend at Holy Redeemer have had those invitations cancelled. Despite us sending out the cancellation email twice, we are still receiving questions from parishioners who should have received an email from us.

Those who applied online, and who are STILL ABLE TO ATTEND, will be receiving a confirmation email from us. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, unfortunately, you will not be able to attend.

If you didn’t receive either email, please check your spam folder.

Mass Attendance Cancellations

FYI – Those who have been removed from the Mass attendance list for this weekend will have heard from us by now.

Those who received an invitation to Mass from us on Wednesday, and didn’t have it cancelled today, can still attend Mass.

Questions? You can email us ( if you have any concerns. Unfortunately, calls to the parish office won’t be returned until Monday.

Pentecost Sunday

With the upcoming Pentecost Sunday marking the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles 50 days after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and celebrating the beginning of the Church, the churches of the Diocese of Saint John will be allowed to re-open for Eucharist with up to 50 of our faithful.

The general dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday remains in effect. Parishioners who are ill or vulnerable to illness according to public health advice, should remain at home. Masses continue to be offered online to assist in your Spiritual Communion, and you are free to inquire about pastoral visits to receive the Sacraments outside of Mass.

Pentecost, by Pierre Reymond

As Bishop Riesbeck stated in his May 22 letter to the faithful regarding the Solemnity of Pentecost, “as we gather again for Mass in our parishes, our churches will not only look different, they will be different.”

Attending Mass will require maintaining a 2 meter / 6 foot distance from any others at all times, entering and exiting the church, and while processing to receive Holy Communion.

Parishioners may wear a mask if they wish, however they are not required to do so.

Ushers will be present to direct parishioners entering and exiting the church, and to explain the Mass changes currently required.

There will be no offertory procession or collection, although a offertory basket will be available at the exit of the church. Please consider electronic donations.

Distribution of Holy Communion will take place after the final blessing, at the end of Mass, so that you may exit immediately after receiving Holy Communion. The faithful should remove any face covering and sanitize their hands before coming forward for Holy Communion.

Please contact the parish office about any questions prior to attending Mass, or you may also ask an usher at Mass for any clarifications.