Green Changes

PLEASE NOTE: Effective July 31st:
The faithful will be welcomed into church buildings without pre-registration;
Seating within the church will be returned to full capacity;
Sanitizer will be available in the existing dispensers for parishioners to use at their discretion;
Masks are no longer required for indoor gatherings, but may be worn if you feel more comfortable;
The distribution of Holy Communion returns to the proper time during Mass, but we are asked to refrain from distributing the Precious Blood;
Parishioners are invited to extend a sign of peace to those near them;
Mass will still be live streamed on Sundays for those unable to attend.

Mass Attendance

Our pew signs are gone, and you can now sit where you wish this weekend. In addition, Mass registration is no longer required, so you won’t be receiving a weekly call or email from the parish. We’d like to thank everyone who cooperated with us over the last 14 months in our efforts to make the church as safe as possible for all parishioners.  


Fr. Stephen regrets that he must cancel Monday afternoon Adoration at St. Pius X indefinitely due to mobility issues caused by his hip. He hopes to resume Adoration after recovering from hip replacement surgery.