Sunday Missals

Due to COVID-19 we will NOT be selling 2020-2021 Sunday Missals in the church this year. We have ordered a LIMITED number of copies which will be available in the fall. The cost remains at $5 per copy, which will need to be paid in advance. To reserve your copy, please use the form located HERE. If you know someone without internet access who uses an annual missal, please encourage them to call the parish office (653-6830) soon. Once our initial order is spoken for, we will not be ordering additional copies.


The Tuesday night Mass & Novena will resume on July 14 at 5:30 pm.


As with our weekend Masses, you MUST register to attend. Provincial law requires us to keep track of those in attendance.

The registration for the Tuesday Novena is SEPARATE from our weekend Mass registration. You will have to register again to attend the Novena.

As with weekend Mass, attendance is limited. We will be using the same lottery and invitation system that is in effect for weekend Masses.

Those selected to attend Tuesday Novena will receive an invitation the day before.

If you wish to attend, please fill out the form linked below. If you know someone without internet access who would like to attend the Novena, please encourage them to call the parish office (653-6830). Please DO NOT register for anyone other than those in your immediate household.


Novena Update

The Bad News: The weekly online Novena has been discontinued due to a decreasing number of viewers.

The Good News: Our Sunday Mass will continue to be available online each weekend.

The Even Better News: Beginning next week you will be able to attend the Novena in person again. More details will be announced tomorrow.

Ministry Schedules

Since we are required by law to have an accurate list of who is attending each Mass, Ushers and Lectors will be scheduled through the parish office for the time being.

Usher and Lector schedules will now be prepared on a week to week basis. Those serving in ministries will be contacted via email based on the Mass that they have registered to attend. All previously circulated schedules are no longer in effect.