Easter Flowers

Donations in memory of loved ones may be placed in an envelope and dropped in the Sunday offertory by Sunday, March 28. Please put your name and envelope number, together with the name(s) of those being remembered, on the outside of the envelope. Your loved ones will be prayed for at the Easter vigil on Saturday, April 3, and remembered at all Masses during the Easter season.

If you aren’t attending Mass in person, you can also make your donation via e-Transfer using stpiusx@nb.aibn.com as the contact. Please add the names of your loved ones in the message field. No security question is required.


Next week, those registered for our weekend Masses will be contacted and given the opportunity to let us know which celebrations that they wish to attend during the Easter Triduum – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil or Easter Sunday. While there will probably not be room for everyone to attend everything, we will do our best to try to accommodate as many parishioners as possible. Those currently registered to attend Mass will be given the first opportunity to choose their preferred days. All Easter Masses and services will be by invitation only.


As the province transitions back to Yellow tonight, please remember that you still have to register to attend Masses at St. Pius X Church / Holy Redeemer Parish, and you will continue to receive invitations from us each weekend that you are can attend. Please respond to those invitations each week.

For those who asked us to remove their names during Orange, your household will be added back to the active list again. There is no need for you to register again.

For those who haven’t been attending, but would like to start attending weekend Mass again, please fill out our online registration form located HERE.

If you are interested in attending the Tuesday Mass & Novena, you may register for that HERE.


For the last several weeks, Fr. Peter Stephen has been quietly holding Adoration at St. Pius X Church / Holy Redeemer Parish from 3 pm – 4 pm each Monday afternoon. Because attendance for anything other than Masses was limited to only 25 people during COVID level Orange, it hasn’t been publicized. Now that the number of people allowed to attend will be increased with the return to Yellow, we are officially announcing the start of our weekly Adoration. Please note that doors open at 2:45 pm.

As with all of our Masses, pre-registration is required, and you will be contacted each time you can attend. The registration form can be found here.

Latin Mass Cancellation

The First Saturday Latin Mass scheduled for March 6 at St. Pius X Church / Holy Redeemer Parish has been cancelled as the province remains in the Orange phase of COVID recovery. Fr. Melanson is committed to having one last Latin Mass in Saint John. He will make an announcement well in advance of the chosen date so that those who wish to attend have enough time to plan.