Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

We like to “read up” on current events for many reasons. Our curiosity looks for details about happenings around home and around the world. It is helpful to read an analysis or background to gain some insight or to form our own opinions or to discover how we might help to solve a problem or alleviate suffering. It is reassuring to see “reliable” sources quoted to give us some confidence about what we have read or that the truth is being presented.

The value and power of a wise or reliable source is something we learn in our youth. Most teenagers who have tried and failed at something that a parent(s) has cautioned against have bristled at hearing the words “I told you so!”

As children we often settle disputes and arguments or make infallible pronouncements by invoking the best sources. Something is true because “My mother said so!” or “my grandfather swears he saw it happen!”

In today’s feast, Corpus Christi, we hear and learn that our offering of bread and wine will become the true Body and true Blood of Jesus. It is real food for our spiritual life and journey. By receiving and sharing in it we gain eternal life. It’s true, and we believe it, because “Jesus said so!”.