Memorial Mass

Due to COVID-19, we have not been able to have our Memorial Mass on Saturdays. The best option appears to be that we list all the names, together with their scheduled dates, for the month of March. They will be remembered Saturday, June 20, during our 4 pm Mass. This Mass will be available online on Sunday, June 21 any time after 9 am.

March 21 – Brian Best; Souls in Purgatory; Ralph & Viola Howlett & DMF; Tammy Haggerty.

March 28 – Pierrette Higgins; Patrick & Eleanor McNally (A) & DMF; Brian Rooney; Sarah Rooney-Landry; Carl (Dutchie) Schell.

We will continue to do this with all the Saturday Masses that were scheduled and unable to be celebrated on the designated days. Hopefully at some point, we will be able to get back to our normal routine. Thank you for your understanding and patience.