Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

Four years have passed since Fort McMurray was devastated by fire. Stories are told, with great emotion, about the day when tens of thousands escaped by the one road out of town. The Israelites were lead by a pillar of fire at night as they sought the promised land. The people of Fort McMurray, many from New Brunswick, were SURROUNDED by fire and could only see the vehicle ahead of them through the dense smoke. As it grew hotter in their vehicles they thought only of reaching safety while pushing away the thoughts of failure.

Many prayed, and drew upon their faith and the faith of their parents. Some thought of loved ones, living and dead, to get them through. Others thought of the children in the car as their angels that day. Faith and love, and the concern for safety of others brought them through the fire.

St. Peter learned that reaching out in faith saved his life that day on the stormy sea. In times of crisis we would all like to be swept from present danger into a safe place. Experience teaches us that faith in Jesus enables us to reach deep down inside and find the strength and resources we need. It becomes very clear if we take time to give thanks when the dangers and sadness and losses have passed.