Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

“Each of us is a small stone, but in Jesus’ hands participates in the building of the Church.”     Pope Francis

Much has been learned about the current Corona Virus since it first brought havoc to much of the world. Now that its effects have subsided somewhat the attention turns to the next, or second wave. In the meantime many people have begun to experience pandemic fatigue! They are certainly concerned about the possibility of future illness but there has been so much impact on our daily lives many are looking for some kind of relief! Generations within families are cut off from physical contact and many live in isolation. Daily routines and life-giving rituals have stopped. Seasonal workers have lost their income and some workers have been forced to work longer, more stressful hours.

It is natural to question our place in the community and even wonder what our lives are all about. But living the difficulties of restrictions and facing future uncertainties can serve a larger purpose. Our thoughts of people cut off from us, our prayers for each other person affected, our contributions, in whatever form, to people in need, our prayers of petition for others and even our prayerful sighs of loneliness and bewilderment build up the church and our community of faith. We are not alone. God is with us. Each of us is necessary. The sadness, boredom, hardship and sacrifice of today are the grains of wheat that God grinds to become the Eucharist we long to celebrate together!