Collection For The Needs Of The Church In Canada

Bishop Riesbeck has asked that we pass along the following message from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB):

This year, the Catholic Church in Canada, along with the rest of society, has been seriously affected by the Coronavirus pandemic: from an inability to gather in worship, through limitations on pastoral and personal interaction, to office closures. Bishops, as shepherds who watch over their flock, felt this disruption very keenly.

As we continue to address the challenges and impact of the Coronavirus upon our families, communities of faith and ecclesial outreach, your prayers, gestures of kindness and generosity are invaluable, heartfelt and true sources of consolation, comfort and renewed encouragement in the pursuit of the Church’s pastoral mission.

The Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada will take place on September 26 & 27. This annual charitable initiative assists the Bishops in their ministry of accompanying, teaching, guiding, sanctifying and caring for the Church in Canada.