Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

There is an old joke that has an angel showing a new arrival around the corridors of heaven. As they pass each door the angel identifies which group lives there. When they come to one particular room there is a sign that says SILENCE PLEASE. Once they have tiptoed past this door the new arrival asks the angel “Who lives behind THAT door?” The angel replied “that’s where the Catholics live and they think they are the only ones up here!”. The humour is intended to illustrate the lavishness of God’s forgiveness and mercy. Who will be in Heaven? Whoever God lets in!

And the parable today of the workers coming to the job late and getting the same wage as those who worked longer reminds us that God alone judges and God alone knows what is in the heart of each person and which of those hearts has been pierced as was the heart of His Immaculate Mother.                                                                      

So don’t act too surprised when you see some of your friends when you get to heaven…they might be recovering from the shock of seeing you!