Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

The motto of St. F. X. University, familiar to many in Saint John, is “Quaecumquae Sunt Vera”. It translates “Whatsoever Things are True” and is taken from today’s second reading to the Philippians. St. Paul tells us not to be anxious in presenting our requests and petitions to God. When we do, the peace of God will be our safety and will guard our hearts and minds in Jesus.

Bishop Christian has made a similar appeal to us amidst the current anxiety and uncertainty produced by the pandemic. During the coming year the Bishop is asking each parish to consider initiatives in evangelization. He is also encouraging us to encounter Jesus through His Word and in the Sacraments. He is requesting that each parish allow for regular times of Eucharistic Adoration and to include prayers for vocations to the priesthood and religious life as an integral part of this devotion.

Generations have done this before us and they faced famine, epidemic, expulsion, colonial rule, the Depression and World Wars…. realities much more threatening than the COVID-19! And they made sure we could live the same vibrant faith! In thanksgiving for those we knew and loved and those we celebrate in memory and song we look forward to this effort together!