Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

During November the Church remembers those who have died and we pray for their swift inclusion among the saints and the elect in heaven. This month is also the time when our nation remembers her war dead, both the combatants who died in distant places and veterans who came back and have since joined their comrades in eternity.

Remembrance Day holds many memories for Canadians. The memories are especially poignant for those who lived during times of war and remember the young and brave ones who answered the call to preserve freedom and defeat tyranny. For many others we recall the eleventh of November when we gathered at cenotaphs, usually under grey skies on damp and cold pre winter days. We recalled much harsher conditions where Canada’s best fought and died far from the comfort of home and family.

For those whose homecoming was to God we offer the warmth and embrace of our prayers for them. For the others who came home, bearing the memories of lost comrades and the scars of physical wounds and wounds of heart and spirit, we offer the healing balm of our gratitude and prayers and we wish the peace of eternity for those who have reunited before the throne of God.