Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

The Parable of the Last Judgement is both profoundly beautiful and deeply disturbing. It is truly “awesome” in the best sense of that overused word. And while it speaks of the end time it is addressed to us in our time, the present moments in which we are living.

Jesus forces us to look at the ways we encounter humanity and how we respond. He reminds us that He is to be found in each person we encounter. He asks if the hungry and thirsty make us wonder only if our pantry is full or our drinking water is safe rather than think of how we can feed another human or quench another’s thirst. He asks how we react when we encounter the homeless and poorly clothed. Do we wonder how we can redecorate or get our winter clothing ready rather than seek or support ways to provide housing and shelter and warmth for another human being.

He asks “When you see humanity in its brokenness do you recall that you share in this same humanity with me? Do you respond with judgement or compassion, or even worse, with indifference?