Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

A number of years ago Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who founded the Special Olympics, spoke at the dedication of a park named for her mother, Rose Kennedy. Mrs. Shriver talked about the importance, and indeed the necessity of a family in every endeavour in life. She looked up from her text and said, quite pointedly, “And if you haven’t got a family, GET ONE!”.

Jesus, the Son of God, needed a family. God chose one very carefully for Him. He chose and prepared Mary to bear Jesus into this world and He chose Joseph to be their provider and protector. We all need protection or providence of some sort at any given time and if we can receive it from parents, siblings or offspring that is great. But sometimes we need to look to a larger family to help us through difficulties with our birth family or to help us when resources are stretched at home. Whatever life may toss at us we always need someone to renew us in hope and to break the power of discouragement and to avoid despair.

Our faith family will not fail in these times. Even as we experience physical distancing the daily prayer of so many and the countless acts of kindness strengthen each one and all of us together!