Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

The beginning of a new Calendar year is usually an occasion for celebration and optimism. Many people choose this time to make some resolutions that will bring about change in their lives and maybe affect others. Often the resolutions don’t last as long as the light and sound from the fireworks at midnight!

While resolutions are a positive and hopeful exercise maybe a little preparation might bring a better rate of success. Maybe, before looking forward, we might look back. Why have certain habits, activities come about or changed? Why have I let resentment creep into my heart and create a distance between myself and coworkers, friends, neighbours or family members?

Maybe letting go of some of these will provide space in my mind and heart to embrace something more positive and lifegiving. To be sure the past year was awful in many ways! But it brought out the very best in most of humanity. That was a sign and reassurance that God had not abandoned us. And He will just as surely accompany us as we journey into 2021 with confidence in His providence and His love for each of us!