Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful – January 10

Two steps forward…one step back…..and so it goes as we continue the Pandemic shuffle.

We had hoped that the New Year would bring a return to life as we know it but things may yet get worse before they improve. We received reassurance from God at Christmastime. His Son, Jesus, Emmanuel (God is with us) is the powerful sign that God is indeed with us. The Baptism of the Lord tells us that, as surely as Jesus walked into the water to be baptized by John, He has entered into each of our lives. Jesus is “in it” with us, at every step of the way, even when we experience a step backwards.

In a few months the great Feast of Easter and the Holy Week which precedes it will remind us that Jesus was “in it to win it” with us and for us. We have known this many times in our lives.  And we will celebrate it again.

Be firm in faith and never tire of charity through your prayer for each other and your gestures of kindness and concern for others. You will feel hope grow stronger within you. And we will all feel healing and grow stronger together!