Mass Attendance Update

In anticipation of the government allowing more than 10 people to attend Mass, we encourage you to sign up below to request a spot at Mass as we expect that any increase will still require us to use our current lottery system.

  • If you have previously submitted your household, please DO NOT enter again. Your household will stay entered in the draw system for future weeks.
  • You must be able to answer NO to everything on the province‚Äôs COVID-19 checklist. (AVAILABLE HERE)
  • Please do not apply for anyone other than those living in your immediate household.
  • Only one application per household please.
  • Please only apply for one Mass time.
  • Only those selected for a given Mass will be contacted.

PLEASE NOTE: We have already selected the 10 parishioners who will be attending each Mass this weekend. We have no idea when the province will increase our capacity. However, should the province announce an increase to the number of people allowed to attend Mass this weekend, eligible parishioners will be contacted on Friday.

Mass Attendance Request Form