Introduction – Prayers Of The Faithful

Back in the Spring we looked forward to family Easter dinners of home cooked ham. But Covid-19 managed to hogtie those plans. Now as we approach Thanksgiving we would normally think ahead to family dinners and parish suppers of turkey and all the trimmings! This time Covid-19 seems ready to gobble up those plans too!

But St. Paul reminds us of something that most of us already know. He speaks today of knowing times of abundance and times of humility as well as times of being hungry and times of being well fed. Most of us have heard older relatives or friends say “We were poor but we never knew it!”. Somehow parents provided and we have happy memories of times that were not. And, indeed, many of us have faced circumstances that would have broken some people but God gave us the grace and strength we needed, usually through the people He placed in our lives at the time.

Confidence that God will supply what we need (not necessarily what we want) is the wedding garment that always ensures that we will recognize and enjoy the banquet, regardless of what is on the menu!