Mass Attendance Requests

  • Due to the limit of 10 parishioners per Mass, the fairest method is to use a lottery system to select those who can attend.
  • You must be able to answer NO to everything on the province’s COVID-19 checklist. (AVAILABLE HERE)
  • Parishioners are asked to fill out the online request form linked below if they wish to attend a Mass.
  • If you know someone who does not have internet access, we ask you to let them know that they may call the parish office (653-6830) to participate in the draw. However, we encourage everyone who has internet access to apply online to simplify things for parish staff.
  • Please do not apply for anyone other than those living in your immediate household.
  • You only have to submit your information using the form ONCE. Your household will stay entered in the draw system for future weeks.
  • Only one application per household please.
  • Please only apply for one Mass time.
  • Once a household is drawn to attend Mass, they will not be eligible to have their name drawn again until everyone on the waiting list for that Mass has had an opportunity to attend.
  • Draw for the upcoming weekends’ Masses will be held on Wednesdays and those selected will be informed that day.
  • Those selected will receive an email from the parish (or a phone call for those without internet access) which will also include additional information such as which entrances to use, and seating arrangements.
  • Only those selected for a given Mass will be contacted. If you don’t hear from us, your name will remain in the draw for the following weeks. Please DO NOT call the office if you don’t hear from us.

Mass Attendance Request Form